Counseling Services

Women’s Counseling Center

Specializing in psychotherapy for women and adolescents

Located within Bedford Commons OB-GYN, the practice seeks to facilitate the healing of women’s minds and bodies, and allows for constant collaboration with physicians and women’s health professionals.

Christine Miller

Christine Miller has over 35 years of experience in counseling women and adolescents on a variety of issues, especially anxiety and depression.  Her specialty is work with women whose health and reproductive issues affect their emotional state. Ms. Miller’s philosophy of practice is that psychotherapy should be short-term, focused, and solution-oriented.

Rachel Canova

Kathy Corkery

Kathy Corkery has been providing counseling services for 28 years. She has extensive experience working with teens and women with anxiety, depression, trauma, and eating disorder issues. She highlights using evidence-based care to improve functioning and enhance coping, and enjoys helping support clients’ path to improved well being.

To make an appointment, call Bedford Commons OB-GYN at 603-668-8400 and request an appointment with the Women’s Counseling Center.

If you need to reach your counselor, please call Bedford Commons OB-GYN.