Twin Pregnancy

Congratulations to you and your family! Discovering a twin pregnancy is often a surprising and particularly exciting event in one’s life. The physicians and staff at Bedford Commons OB-GYN are committed to working with you to make your special pregnancy a healthy and rewarding experience. In general, twin pregnancies are high-risk pregnancies because the potential for pregnancy complications in twin gestations is higher than in single pregnancies. These potential complications include anemia, altered position of the twins, gestational diabetes, altered growth of one or both twins, infant pre-maturity, pregnancy induced hypertension, and fetal distress. Keeping in mind that most patients expecting twins experience a normal pregnancy, your physicians will meet with you regularly and monitor carefully for the development of any of these problems.

First Trimester

Because you are supporting the development and growth of two infants, we strongly advise you to monitor your nutrition. In addition to your daily prenatal vitamin, we recommend additional daily iron (ferrous sulfate 325 mg tablet twice daily) and calcium (500 mg or more). You can expect to gain 35 to 45 pounds during your twin pregnancy experience. You may meet with our nutritionist to discuss diet during the pregnancy. Also, each patient should discuss her due date with one of the physicians if any uncertainty exists.


Your physicians will arrange for an 18-20 week ultrasound in our office to monitor the growth of both twins. Subsequent ultrasound exams will be scheduled to evaluate the growth pattern of each fetus, assess the amount of amniotic fluid, review the status of the placenta(s) and record the position of each twin fetus. Because of the risk of pre-term labor, it is important to investigate potential arrangements for childcare, housekeeping tasks and meal preparation as hospitalization and/or bedrest may be needed. Your physicians will also review with you the signs of premature labor including rhythmic abdominal or pelvic cramping, backaches, increased vaginal discharge or leakage of vaginal fluid.

Third Trimester

During the last trimester, more frequent office visits are scheduled with the physicians so that both maternal and fetal wellbeing are carefully monitored. Ultrasound exams may be done at more frequent intervals to continue to assess growth and position of twins. During the last few weeks of pregnancy, the overall status and position of both infants will be reviewed with each patient. Theses parameters will become very important as you and your physicians review the best mode of delivery for you and your twin infants. Please feel free to discuss questions or concerns that you may have at this special time with your providers at Bedford Commons OB-GYN.