Pregnant?  There’s an app for that!

In the age of smart phones and Google, it’s no surprise to me that my patients walk into our office with a wealth of information.  Search “pregnancy” on the iPhone App Store and you’ll get hundreds of results.  We’ve taken the time to review some of the available pregnancy apps and here are some of my favorites (and the best news is that they are all free!).

1. Period Tracker

Whether you’re planning for a pregnancy or trying to track your irregular bleeding patterns, Period Tracker keeps track of it all.  It tracks your period and ovulation cycles every month and is very easy to use.  It keeps track of your menstrual interval (the time from the start of one period to the start of the other) and predicts when you should get your next period.  This can be helpful for vacation planning too!

2. Sprout

Like many of the other pregnancy apps, Sprout customizes to your pregnancy after you input your due date.  It is unique in that it offers amazing 3D images of how the baby is developing from week to week.  Included in this app is a contraction timer, weight tracker, and baby kick counter.

3. My Pregnancy Today

This is a newer app which is gaining popularity quickly.  It offers suggestions for how to keep yourself in the best possible health during a pregnancy in addition to images of the developing baby, what to expect in the weeks to come, and a due date calculator.

4. Contraction Monitor

In the midst of wondering “am I in labor?” this app is here to help keep track of contractions.  Not only does it keep track of contraction frequency like many of the contraction apps, it allows mom to rate the intensity of the contraction and keeps track of how long contractions are lasting.  This is very helpful information to provide to your health care provider when you think you’re in labor.

5. Baby Names

This app offers thousands of ideas for naming your baby.  If you’ve waited until delivery to start thinking of about a name, this offers lots of ideas in the palm of your hand.  It’s also a fun app to keep you busy when you’re waiting in line.

*It’s important to know that most apps are created for fun and are not approved by medical professionals.  If you have questions or concerns based on the information you’re reading online or on an app, be sure to discuss it with your health care provider.